Parents Challenge

At Schuck, we believe that it is not enough to create a successful business. There is a higher calling each of us has: to help those less fortunate than ourselves. For many decades, Steve and Joyce - along with the members of the Schuck team - have been active and involved in both founding and supporting effective charitable organizations that are making a difference. One such organization, and one that we are incredibly proud of, is Parents Challenge.

Founded by Steve and Joyce in 2000, Parents Challenge provides low income families with the tools and resources to choose the best school for their kids. Parents Challenge has provided educational choice to more than 1,800 students and their families. And over that timeframe, almost two million dollars have been disbursed in scholarships and grants to ensure that educational choice is available to all families, not just those of means.

Children aren’t the only ones impacted by Parents Challenge; as parents take responsibility for their children’s education, they have also taken more control of their own lives. Parents Challenge students, as well as their parents, have prospered, gaining the confidence and skill to succeed in life. Seventeen years of measuring academic performance has led to an understanding that empowered parents and guardians, working through the support system of Parents Challenge programs, result in dramatically improved lives for both themselves... and their children.

Through the work of Parents Challenge, families have been transformed and they, as well as our community, are better off as a result.


It is a blessing and our good fortune to live in America, with freedom, liberty, and the opportunity to prosper, to fail, and to rebuild. Our lives have been filled with more than our share of each. Our company has always been committed to giving back to our communities and to the nation in which our family and corporate team has been blessed. We are proud of our leadership as both founders and supporters of numerous charitable and community enriching organizations and initiatives.

We are more proud of what we have done for others than the success we have seen in our real estate developments throughout Colorado Springs, Denver, Phoenix, and Portland.

The following are a portion of the causes in which our associates have provided leadership:

Daniels Fund
Pikes Peak Mental Health Center Systems, Inc.
Step 13
National Jewish Hospital
AspenPointe, Inc.
UCCS Foundation
Boy Scouts of America
Pride Soccer
Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
Silver Key
Penrose Hospital
CU Foundation
Duke University Alumni Association
Parents Challenge