The Schuck Way

With more than half a century of experience in both residential and commercial land development, Schuck has created a legacy of success for our partners and investors. This legacy continues today with new and innovative projects that build upon our five-decade track record of excellence.

What are the threads of consistency that bring success to a Schuck project?

  • Responsiveness: The greatest rewards come with single-minded focus and the courage to operate in a consistently proactive mode.
  • Flexibility: A primary organizational trait as well as the key to success is quickly and decisively adapting to ever-changing marketplaces.
  • Innovation: Ingenious ideas are generated when obvious approaches and conventional wisdom are challenged.
  • Credibility: There is no substitute for experience and no shortcut to accomplishment. Schuck’s dedication to fairness, honesty, and competence has resulted in a widely-respected reputation in both the private and public sectors.

Schuck often takes a counter-cyclical approach to buying and selling real estate--creating opportunity others may not see--thereby producing the greatest rewards for owners and investors. This technique has served us well with many projects being identified, and secured, before many even knew the opportunity existed. Seasoned real estate experts recognize the substantial benefits that arise when this technique is successfully applied; the results are significant.

Successfully tapping into the opportunities of today’s real-estate market is a complex undertaking. Strategies must reflect the constant changes in the marketplace. Decisions must be made quickly. Extensive experience is essential and parties must have trust in, and concern for, each other.

In The News

A Letter from Steve

July 22, 2016

Opportunity is always present. And many times the greatest opportunities exist in places and times where others only see problems. Since our inception, we have looked beyond the obvious to identify the right paths to achievement. This philosophy has been guiding our business for more than fifty years. By identifying potential where others may not, we have built an outstanding track record. Our team of experienced professionals has prospered in both good times and bad--creating value and success for our partners and owners in both commercial and residential projects through the years and through the cycles.

We are proud of our legacy. It is one that has created more than 50 joint ventures and partnerships that developed over 5,000 luxury, custom, and popularly-priced residential home sites, and over 10,000 acres of mixed-use projects. Many of these are household names now--Interquest, Stratton Preserve, Mountain Shadows, Elliot Grove, Union Ridge, and many others.

As you work with us and learn more about our approach, you will find our strategies to be thoughtful… our resources extensive… and our capabilities comprehensive. But beyond this, you will find our values to be refreshing in a world that seems to have lost the ideals of integrity and commitment.

To the next 50 years!